I spend quite a few hours running.

It does not matter if it is in the mountains, forest, morse or wherever - as long as I'm in the great outdoors having fun with the sensational feeling only running free can provide!

The initial ♥ for running started when I was younger, however it was in my late twenties I rediscovered the delicious fun & joy being able to stride through miles and miles of undiscovered terrain. No matter how hard a day might have been; running always gives me joy and a mysterious feeling of replenishment.



Cycling have always been a activity that have been on my top-10 list of things to do. Actually - when I come to think of it - the love for cycling were already introduced to me as a 7 year old kid and have been sticking with me ever since. In the recent years I've been participating in races concerning road- and off-road-biking.

When cycling - something just fills my body with energy as it is good to feel the speed, wind and energy a bike oozes.


Actually, this is a weird one; in my younger years I did really hate going skiing. Especially cross-country skiing - that were the worst. However, lately this table have turned. I'm now an (quite) active skier. Not saying I'm good or anything, but trying my best.

Additionally to cross-country, I do love getting stoked in neck-deep snow down mountainsides with good friends. Nothing beats a good drop of #pow to the ground that can be felt all the way through the skis - in to the boots and up to the center of enjoyment! #powpow!

vegard aasen

Odda, Hordaland, Norway
University of Oslo
Masters in Informatics
Kongsberg ASA / Programmer
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Currently fiddling with

Internet of Things

As well as touching a few subjects at work, I also have tied my self to a few projects at home. The latest addition to home-based projects is the IoT stuff that is happening right now. Connecting all kinds of various components together is fun, rewarding and including.

Right now I'm working with a system that works as a home-made security system. This system is quite simple, but then again quite sweet :-). It uses a variation of different sensors/components in the RaspberryPi/PiPy-sphere such as camera, movement, IR, fire, water & more.

However, as fiddling with this stuff takes a while, I can only identify a single issue with this stuff, and that is that a single day is limited to 24hrs...


In the beginning of May 2016 I've again started working with AngularJS. It must have been just over a year the last time I touched this awesome framework, and I'm glad I'm back as it simplifies so much stuff regarding the front-end pieces. However, an AngularJS-nut is something I'm not.

AngularJS is powering most of our internally brewed web applications in my division.

Raspberry PI

In 2014 I bought my first Raspberry PI. It didn't take long before stuff were installed to the small thing. The first sensor that were added to this device was a temperature sensor. This was used to measure how my house keeps the heat during the days. As these data can be used to fine-tune the heater and stuff, it have been somewhat helpful.

Additionally, the latest thing to connect two of my plants to the cloud, so that I can watch the moisture and heat throughout the day - alerting me in regards to watering etc. Totally pointless but yet so fun.


Android is a OS that I've long been married with. It's a platform that I just ♥. I developed my first application back in 2008. This application was a "parcel-tracer" and used the SOAP-service that was publicly available through (REST wasn't adopted back then).

Lately I've been fiddling around with some new stuff like Android Wear and Network Service Discovery (DNS-SD) in regards with an app I were working quite a bit on (Controlling Pinell-radios that were using the FS-API by Frontier Silicon).


The use of Docker in real-world scenarios is not on the rise for me, to be honest - however, I've been working with the containerization of deployments on my home projects in order to gain some knowledge about this abstraction technology. I've been dockerizing all my IoT, micro-service-applications and web applications that is hosted on servers or Raspberry PIs. By doing this, I've been able to deploy my stuff to devices quicker then before (avoiding that initial environmental setup).


Both at work and at home - all my applications is converted to be non-monolithic. However, being a single developer at work, the amount of extra stuff that must be done in order to support such an architecture can lead to some overhead and that the development -> production may take a bit longer time. This were particulary noted when our team did not have plan on how to achieve microservice-based architecture. Oh well, in the long run - it is by far better than what were previously defined in terms of testing, time 2 market and what not - the initial conversion though, took a while.

Tricks of the trade

java 8

Java has been my main language for about 7 years. This is a language I'm never growing tired of



C# and .net have not been priding my days in the recent years. However I know the basics of the language as it were my primary language back previous to Java


Python is a language I've grew fund of lately. I guess this have to do with me getting more in to the world of WiPy and Raspberry Pi. Still learning, though


A lot of stuff can be solved using scripts. I master this quite well as it have always been related to my day-to-day operations


Not to brag, but I was quite a PHP-wiz back in the days - even committing to PHP Nuke! Oh well, those days are gone now - but the knowledge is not..


Oh Perl oh Perl. What a magic language you were - and forgotten you are - not been using it for some time, however knowledge still exists. Wierdly enough Perl seems to back on the rise (according to TIOBE)


Lately I've been coding a bit Swift for fun in order to learn some Apple magix. Am I enjoying it? (..)


I've been enjoying the Android platform for quite a while - creating apps with NFC, DNS-SL and much more fun stuff! Creating apps is something I master, however games? Not so much


As everyone else, I've been an addict of the HTMl5 bits and bobs for quite some time now - however, some components is yet to be conquered ت



Still learning the wonders of styling - however, I guess most of the styles is known to me - the composition is something that I'm constantly learning



Working with Angular or any other MVVW style require more domain-knowledge than actual coding skills - just like the Spring framework in Java. This is something I'm working quite a lot with, and enjoys every bit of it


Nginx is a web server that I've been using both at work and at home. Loving the reliability, performance & simplicity


The Apache/HTTPd-component is something that I know quite well and master. Used professionally and at home



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